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My name is Monika Sudakov. I am a chef, wife, writer, innkeeper, teacher, anthropologist, furrbaby mother and former ballerina. I started this page because I felt the need to create a space where women like myself could feel empowered and confident. A page where we could step away from the confines of a society that dictates how we should look, feel, talk and act. Despite the strides women have made in modern society, we continue to be packaged into boxes by a patriarchal view of what it means to be a woman. I want to sweep all of that aside. Why am I an expert in any of this? I’m not. But I do have a story.

As a youth I was molested by a family member on and off for 2 years. This was my first introduction to what it meant to be dominated by men. It established a view of myself as a victim and because of the way the situation panned out it became evident that women should not discuss these things in public. It would be shameful and it wasn’t appropriate. Then as a teenage ballerina I developed what would be an on again off again bout with an eating disorder. In a world where looks meant everything and talent was just secondary, I realized I had to fit in if I wanted to succeed. I would repeatedly be told I was too heavy, too short, not right and not perfect. It took me a lot of therapy, soul searching and eventually meeting a wonderful man to realize that I was not a victim, I was not the product of my looks or what society said I should be like. I was me. Strong, individual and worthy of having a voice.

While I am by no means perfect and continue to struggle with all of these issues, I am passionate about helping other women find their confidence and their voice. My hope is for this blog to be a forum for sharing, a safe place for women to let go of their past insecurities and find their power. While I am uncertain what all the blog posts will be about, I can tell you that topics will vary from current events to food to relationships to body image and more. My promise is to always be honest, to always give my heart and my soul, and above all, to strive to inspire you with my words.

I invite you on this journey of discovery with me in becoming powerful, uninhibited women with voices that deserve to be heard. Let’s change this society together and redefine what it means to be she.

Thank you for joining me.

Your friend,


Monika Sudakov
Monika Sudakov



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